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Reverse Channel LettersYou have many choices when it comes to signage for your business. You want a sign that will make a powerful impact and a great first impression. The sign you choose for your business should also reflect the attitude and environment of your business, and channel letter signs are a natural choice to create all of these things. Channel letter signs are a sophisticated and popular choice for signs.

What is a Channel Letter Sign?

A standard channel letter sign is a graphic sign element which is three-dimensional and is fabricated from sheet metal. Most sign manufacturers prefer aluminum since it will not rust, holds up well to the elements, and can be shaped easily. A computer controlled router and used to cut the letters out of a flat sheet of aluminum placed on a table. The returns (sides) of the letters are formed by welding them into place, or using a metal stitcher to rivet them in place. This produces a solid “can” to form the shape of a letter. This type of sign gets its name from the channel that is formed when the letters are cut out of the sheet metal and the returns are attached. Channel letter signs can be painted and fitted with various types of lighting.

Lighting Options for Channel Signs

Channel Letters can be illuminated with light-emitting diode (LED) modules, or neon gas tubes. A clear acrylic covering is used to protect the neon tubes or LED modules. The neon or LED modules light the letters themselves. This option lights the actual letters in the sign, and is an attractive choice. You can choose from just about any color combination and configuration with this option.

Reverse channel letters

Reverse Channel LettersReverse channel letters are a very attractive option for channel signs. Many high-scale businesses use this option for channel letter signs. The letters themselves are not lit, but the LED lights illuminate the surface behind the sign and call attention to the lettering. You can also choose from practically any color combination and configuration for your sign and the color for the backlighting. Reverse lighting creates a halo effect really draws the eye to the sign at night, and is one of the most popular choices for channel letter lighting.

Channel LettersWhen you need a sign for your business consider channel letter signs. They are a popular and very decorative choice for signage. With a qualified design company that walks you through the entire process from design to installation, you will receive a sign that reflects the personality of your business and draws people in. Contact CND Signs today and ask about the beauty and functionality of our channel letter signs for your business. Their team of designers will listen to your needs and create a channel sign perfect for your business.