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custom-cabinet-russos-pizzeria-1-e1398887914828Best Compliment for Sign Shops is a Recommendation

We appreciate it when our clients let us know their thoughts on the job we’ve done. Rita Davis, owner of Russo’s New York Pizzeria in Pflugerville, was happy to share with us that not only would she use our services again, but she would recommend us.

Rita described her experience with Paul and Christian as “wonderful”. Working mainly with Paul, she couldn’t be happier with how easy it was to work with him. She was impressed with his suggestions for the pizzeria’s sign, as this was an entirely new experience for her. “I never did anything like this before, so I had to rely on his expertise.”

During the planning stages, Paul met with her several times, as well as communicating through email. Once plans were finalized, the installation ran smoothly. The job was done on time and for a fair price. Rita reported that, “There was no negative experience at all.”

Online Search for Sign Shops Lead to CND Signs

Rita’s experience with CND Signs started with an Internet search. She started calling around, inquiring with different sign shops. She had a couple of bids from sign shops in Houston and San Antonio before choosing to work with CND Signs.

Following her experience, Rita would recommend working with CND Signs to anyone. Russo’s has plans to expand and open two more restaurants in a year, and she is more than happy to call CND Signs for the job.

With an unlimited amount of sign shops to choose from, only a few stand-out with repeat business and positive reviews. CND Signs & Printing would love to hear from you when you are in need of a sign or banner. Call us for a quote at 512-394-5421 or email us at