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From The Desk Of Alejandro Gonzales, Production Drafter for CND Signs

My Favorite Sign/Project was the Silo Welcome Sign for the Hutto Co-Op Project.
My name is Alejandro and I am a Production Drafter for CND Signs. I assisted on the drafting design of the Silo Welcome Sign for the Hutto Co-Op Project.
Creating a curved sign to be placed on a large silo and adding to that the fact that it goes from down to up, makes for a very challenging sign from start to finish.
We used a 3D software to generate the main curves that dictated the shape of the backs; adapting the cut of all the acrylic/Lexan/modified  faces to the aluminum letters. Additionally, trimming the difference of material that results in curving was very tricky, to say the least. But we were able to get creative and an amazing finish was the result!
This type of “very custom made sign” gave us the perspective to attack with creativity and a great deal of out of the box thinking; more than any other design that our professional team has had the pleasure of working on. This project is my favorite, not only because of the creative thinking that was involved, but how innovative we all had to be in order make this project a success.