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Fashion Aire, a central Austin apartment complex, once known as North Loop Village, was rebranded back to its original name. Our client came up with a retro 60’s idea and CND’s Art Department came up with several concepts and designs to meet the client’s expectations and budget.

Fashion Aire Apartments
This project had several challenges because the surface was not flat and there were a lot of elements in the way. Electrical meters, windows, pips, gutters, and other elements all posed a challenge to sign placement.

The main sign features reverse channel letter with exposed double stock and neon on the face. A back lit backer panel and letters give the main sign a sophisticated and retro look.

The leasing office sign is a routed face cabinet which is lit from front and back creating a halo illumination. Acrylic pushed true and open face back lit backer panel and letters adds to the all over effect.

We are proud to say that CND Signs met and exceeded the client’s expectations.