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Birds are undoubtedly some of the most beautiful creatures in nature, with many species known for their vibrant colors and melodic songs. Some birds even make great pets. However, when it
comes to your commercial signs, these lovely animals can sometimes become a nuisance. At CND Signs, we understand the importance of maintaining the pristine appearance and functionality of your signage. Here’s what you need to know about protecting your signs from bird-related damage.

The Problem with Birds and Signs

You might have noticed bird droppings under trees, on park benches, or even on your car. This is because birds often relieve themselves each time they take flight. While this might be a natural
process, it can create significant problems for your business signs. Here’s why:

  • Unsightly Mess: Bird droppings on your signs can be very unattractive, detracting from the professional appearance of your business.
  • Health Hazards: Bird droppings can carry diseases and pose health risks to your customers and employees.
  • Structural Damage: The acidity in bird droppings can corrode sign materials over time, leading to damage and a shorter lifespan for your investment.
  • Pecking Damage: Birds may also peck at signs, especially those with softer materials, causing further damage. Smart Solutions to Keep Birds at Bay

Have you ever noticed small spikes or mesh barriers inside the letters of some signs? These are not random additions but carefully placed deterrents designed to keep birds from nesting or perching on your signs. Here’s how they work and why you should consider them for your signage:

  1. Plastic Spikes: These spikes make it uncomfortable for birds to land on your signs without causing them harm. They are particularly effective for letters with gaps like A, B, D, and even curved letters like S and U, which birds find cozy for nesting.
  2. Mesh Barriers: Mesh can be used to cover larger areas where birds might try to nest or perch. It is a discreet yet effective way to keep birds off your signage.
  3. Strategic Placement: By placing these deterrents inside the gaps of letters and other vulnerable spots, you can prevent birds from settling and creating a mess.

The Best Time to Act: During Fabrication

To maximize the effectiveness and cost-efficiency of these bird deterrents, we recommend integrating them into your sign during the fabrication process. This approach ensures your sign is protected from the moment it is installed and avoids the need for more expensive retrofitting later on.

Protect Your Signs with CND Signs

At CND Signs, we offer a range of solutions to keep your signs looking their best and free from bird-related damage. Whether you need plastic spikes, mesh barriers, or other custom deterrents, we have the expertise to help you choose the best option for your location. If your business is near trees or areas where birds are common, don’t wait until the problem arises.

Ask your sales representative today about incorporating bird deterrents into your signage. Protect your investment from the get-go and ensure your business maintains its professional image.

Remember, a clean and well-maintained sign not only enhances your business’s appearance but also extends the life of your investment. Let CND Signs help you keep your signs pristine and bird-free!

Feel free to reach out to us for more information on our bird deterrent options and how we can tailor them to fit your specific needs.