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After using other sign companies, it is a pleasure working with CND Signs. They are competitive, friendly and accommodating. They produce signs on schedule and install them with the least amount of disruption to our cafes and the surrounding businesses.”
— Reggie Lindsay, Operations Manager, Tootie Pie Company

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Tootie Pie Company:

pie-counter-300x224The Tootie Pie Story, as it exists today, began in 2004 when someone read an article about Ruby Lorraine “Tootie” Feagan in the newspaper. The article told of Tootie’s many awards and how she had been featured in numerous publications; singing the praises of her wonderful pies. The article also said that Tootie wanted to sell her little Medina, Texas bakery and retire. Seeing an opportunity, Mr. Merrill contacted Tootie and arranged a meeting, where he tasted for the first time, Tootie’s famous six pound “Original Apple” Pie. From that meeting, the foundation of the Tootie Pie Company was formed.

Tootie Pie Company, Inc. was incorporated on June 16, 2005. In September 2005, the Company purchased all of Tootie’s pie recipes, customer lists, the right to the “Tootie Pie” name, and the related baking equipment, and building located in Medina, TX. Tootie became an employee and shareholder of the newly formed company but has since retired and hung up her apron to see her dream come to life. Tootie is still a shareholder and major force in the Tootie Pie Company today.

Visit the Tootie Pie Company website to learn more!