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the thinkery reverse channel letters night

reverse channel letters the thinkery

From concept…

A standard channel letter is a three-dimensional graphic sign element constructed from sheet metal — most often aluminum, since it will not rust. In reverse channel letters, the face of the letters are constructed from aluminum, and the lighting is directed to the back. This illuminates the wall behind the letters, which creates a negative space at night. Because it results in a halo effect, these are also called “halo letters.”

Lighting for channel letters can be achieved through either neon or LED, depending upon your signage needs and landlord requirements. Because of their elegance, reverse channel are commonly used when a prestigious or sophisticated image is needed.

The Thinkery: Vibrant Space, Vibrant Sign

The Thinkery Reverse Channel Letter Sign

…to installation!

The Thinkery describes itself as “an evolution of the Austin Children’s Museum…Austin’s sparkling new home for ‘why’ and ‘how’, […and] a foundry for a new generation of innovators and creative problem solvers.” Being a cutting-edge space that goes beyond a regular museum, they needed a “sparkling” sign to go with their new image, and reverse channel letters were the ideal solution.

CND Signs developed The Thinkery’s sign, from a concept drawing on paper to the actual installation on the bright red 40,000 square-foot building, located on 1830 Simond Avenue in the Mueller development. Plans included exact dimensions for every square inch of the reverse channel letters sign, as well as specifications for the lighting system.

Add Spark to Your Building

Learn more about CND Signs & Printing channel letters or call us at (512) 394-5421 for a free quote. For those businesses who want to literally put their name up in lights, reverse channel letters are a great option!

Night-time photo of The Thinkery courtesy of Lake Travis Lifestyle.