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monument signsMonument signs make a powerful first impression for your business. Unlike signs mounted on the façade of the building monument signs are standalone signs which can be placed in strategic locations to attract customers. Monument signs do not traditionally use channel letters which are lit, but they use stand out letters in various sizes and fonts to suit your business. You can have separate lighting options so that they can be lit at night, but these lights are not in the letters themselves.

What Are Stand Out Letters?

~~BD-rn4hOD5bdHQ1gTzPGZZbjRSfB3vIbStand out letters are three dimensional letters used in a variety of signs. They can be used on interior and exterior signage. Stand out letters can be designed in almost any configuration, size, and font. They are a very versatile form of lettering used in a wide variety of applications. Monument signage traditionally uses stand out letters, and the size and style of the lettering can make a powerful impact for your business.

Materials Used for Stand Out Letters

Monument Sign from CND Signs

Monument Sign and Stand Out Lettering

Stand out letters can be made from a wide variety of materials. Plastic, aluminum, bronze, brass, and other materials may be used for this type of lettering. If you choose aluminum, sheet metal is cut with computer precision allowing form intricate details to be included in the design of the letters. Computer cut metal stand out signs have crisp sharp edges which give a polished and clean look. Brass and copper letters may be cast to form the letters, and these types of letters also have a clean and polished look. Acrylic is also used for stand out letters and is made out a very thick industrial grade acrylic to stand up to the elements.

Finish Choices for Stand Out Letters

Metal stand out letters may be polished, brushed, or antiqued. This gives you plenty of room for personalization in your design choice. Acrylic may be tinted in a wide variety of colors tailored to your design specifications. When you work with a professional design team they will help you choose the finish for your letters which will enhance your design and reflect the personality of your business.

If you have a business and need signage, consider monument signs with stand out letters. Contact CND Signs and ask about our monument signs options. Our team will work with you every step of the way from design, creation, and placement of your sign. In the Austin area, CND Signs is the premier sign company and we take pride in our customer service and work. We look forward to hearing from you today!