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The Architecture of Signs

The architecture of your business’ sign is important. It can add to the overall first impression and reflect the culture and philosophy of your company. Signage can be standalone such as monument signs or pole signs, on your storefront with channel letters, or part of the design of your building. No matter which type of sign you choose a well thought out design will help to enhance your company’s image and can help create an emotional connection to your patrons and clients.

Storefront Channel Lettering
RussonsChannel lettering is one of the most popular types of sign. These signs can be very creative combining your logo and name with many colors. Or they can be very simple and understated. It all depends on your tastes and the style which fits your business. The letters in these types of signs are cut from sheet metal, usually aluminum, and this process forms a channel in which lighting options may be placed. Neon tubes or LCD lighting are the two main choices for channel letters. These options light the letters themselves.

Thinkery - Standard Channel Letter

Reverse Channel Letters – The Thinkery

Reverse Channel Lettering
Reverse channel lettering uses the same method of production, but the area behind the letters is illuminated creating a very sophisticated and stylish look. Storefront signage is a good option for businesses in strip malls and areas in which a monument sign or pole would not be feasible.


Cabinet Monument Sign

Monument Signs
Monument signs area standalone signs which create a very powerful impact. This type of signage normally uses stand out letters which can be formed to configure to the monument sign’s shape. For example if your monument sign is curved, each stand out letter can be designed to follow the curve of your sign. Monument signs can be made with a wide variety of materials, as well as the stand out letters can be manufactured with almost any metal and finish to fit your business’ style. You can also include colors and design elements in monument signs as seen by this sign at The Reserve.

Pole Signs

Pole Sign

Pole Signs
Pole signs stand tall above the competition. As the name implies this type of signage is placed on top of a sturdy pole to raise your sign for greater visibility. Pole signs can lit from within and can be designed in many different colors and styles. Scrolling messages on pole signs are a popular choice and give you the option to convey important message to your customers. Since pole signs normally require permits, you need a sign company which will work with you during the entire design, engineering, fabrication, and installation process.

Architectural Signs
Perhaps the most creative type of sign is one that is actually part of the architecture of your building. This type of sign is an integral part of your building’s style. An example of this type of sign includes the Minnaert Building, Utrecht University, Utrecht, Netherlands. This sign is part of the actual architecture of the building. The large graphic letters combine with the design of the building to greet visitors with a powerful first impression.

When you are considering signage for your business it is important to know your options. Contact CND Signs today and let our talented and experienced design team help you choose the right sign for your location and company style. We have been serving the greater Austin area for over 9 years, and we will work with you from step one to the final installation. We specialize in exterior and interior signage and look forward to hearing from you soon!