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When it comes to signage, most are crafted from durable aluminum metal. While aluminum is robust, it can attract mold and condensation, particularly in cold weather. This buildup can lead to rust and mold, impacting the electrical components and overall performance of your sign.

Preventing rust and mold is vital for extending the lifespan of your signage. Addressing these issues can be costly, especially if permits are required to accommodate maintenance that blocks sidewalks or walkways.

One key feature to look for in your sign is drainage holes. These holes allow excess moisture to escape, preventing the accumulation of mold and condensation. You can check for drainage holes by inspecting the underside of the letters, particularly at the lowest point. The drainage holes are most visible when the sign is illuminated at night.

If your sign lacks drainage holes, it is advisable to contact your sign company for an inspection and necessary adjustments. This proactive step is best taken during your warranty period to ensure optimal performance and longevity of your signage. Trusting professionals to address drainage issues can save you from costly repairs and maintenance down the line.