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Top Notch Burger is an iconic burger joint that has been serving up classic American fare in Austin, Texas, since 1971. It was founded by the husband-and-wife team, Mr. and Mrs. Berry. The original location on Burnet Rd. has been a beloved destination for generations of Austinites and has gained a cult following for its delicious burgers, fried chicken, onion rings, and milkshakes. In 2017, the original owners of Top Notch Burger, Mr. and Mrs. Berry, decided to retire and sell the restaurant. The new owners, Kelly Chappell and Austin Nance, were longtime fans of the restaurant and jumped at the opportunity to take over the iconic establishment.

Recently, Top Notch Burger decided to expand to a new location in Hutto, TX. However, the owner wanted to make sure that the new location was an exact replica of the original restaurant, right down to the last detail. That’s where CND Signs, a custom sign company based in Austin, TX, came in.

CND Signs was tasked with creating custom signs, menu boxes, and speaker boxes for the drive-up park order stations that would match the aesthetic of the original Top Notch Burger. The company also installed LED rope lighting to add to the nostalgic ambiance of the restaurant.

Top Notch Burger SignChappell and Nance were committed to preserving the legacy of Top Notch Burger and keeping the original location’s authenticity intact. They worked closely with the CND Signs team to ensure that the new location in Hutto, TX, replicated the original location’s look and feel.

The project was a labor of love for CND Signs, and they worked closely with the Top Notch Burger team to ensure that every detail was perfect. They fabricated and installed custom exterior and interior signs that captured the essence of the original restaurant.

One of the challenges that CND Signs faced was to create custom signs for the silos that would match the original Top Notch Burger location’s look and feel. The team used their expertise in design and fabrication to create signs that perfectly replicated the iconic look of the silos at the Burnet Rd. location.

CND Signs Sales Manager, Paul DiBernardini, who worked closely with Top Notch Burger was thrilled with the final outcome of the project. He said, “It was an honor to work on this project, and we’re thrilled with how everything turned out. It’s always exciting to be a part of something that celebrates the history and legacy of an iconic restaurant like Top Notch Burger.”

CND Signs did an incredible job of bringing the iconic look and feel of Top Notch Burger to the new location in Hutto, TX. With custom signs, menu boxes, speaker boxes, and LED rope lighting, they captured the essence of the original restaurant, ensuring that customers will have the same nostalgic experience as they did when they visited the Burnet Rd. location. Top Notch Burger fans can rest easy knowing that their favorite burger joint has expanded without sacrificing its unique identity.